Chiffon EP Release, with DDM, Dj Diaspora, Josh Stokes

March 27, 2020 9:00 PM

Doors Open: 8:00 PM
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ADVANCED Public Onsale: January 23, 2020 8:48 PM to March 27, 2020 9:00 PM
BRAND NEW CHIFFON!!!! From 2015 until now, Chiffon has taken time to experiment, try new things out, and write brand new music. In addition to performing their new EP, they will definitely play some old jams AND a new album they just wrapped up in the studio with Will Ryerson on the bass and Joshua Stokes on the drums. The entire line-up is stellar so expect a night of excellence. Also, you'll have the opportunity to get your hands on a digital release, CD or brand new t-shirt so don't sleep on this epic evening!! PERFORMANCES DDM "DDm bleeds Baltimore to his core. He will speak on the streets and the creative scene. His bravado is only boasted more by his bars. And his energy is infectious and vibrant, letting fans and peers know that he is a full-on talent, but not the one to play with at the same time." - The Source Dj Diaspora Dj Diaspora started buying records in her home town Chicago, inspired by the underground deep house parties in the early 90s. After moving to the UK, she was blown away by West London's "broken beat" scene, and knew her mission as a DJ-- to share broken beat, and its influences, with the US. While DJing in Chicago, Philly, NYC, and DC, DJ Diaspora developed her eclectic blend of broken beat with Afrobeat, Latin beat, deep house, Brazilian jazz, disco, drum 'n bass/jungle, and nujazz, with a focus on the African diaspora (which most of broken beat's UK originators are part of). DJ Diaspora has had the honor of opening for artists like Femi Kuti and the Positive Force and DJ Rekha of Basement Bhangra. Josh Stokes & Band "Josh Stokes' Funktion is a reminder that the funk lives on through each and everyone one of us. The opener "Welcome to the Funktion (2Hot)" is the invitation for all to join in on the doxology that is dedicated to the eponymous stated steez of sound. The big single "Dare (I Betchu)" is a hedonistic, psychotropic trip that passes through the decades and stewards of funk past/present/future with head nodding and body moving orchestrations that makes everything new feel old and everything old feel new." - Week in Pop HOST Hunter Hooligan "When I'm on stage, I have an out of body experience. I become incredibly and intensely present, but not in my own body or mind, but rather, in the space we create together. I feel the physical and artificial boundaries between us totally dissolve. I feel an escape from the ego, a freedom from the self, a transcendence from my own limitations, expectations, and machinations. My mind expands and my heart opens. It is a rare spiritual experience to feel formless and selfless and I-less. Stepping on stage is like an ego death. It's honestly one of the most sacred experiences. I feel so grateful to share that with you. Thanks for coming along on the journey."
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