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CANCELED: Elizabeth Moen Album Release with Free Range

  December 9, 2022 9:30 PM

Doors Open: 9:00 PM

Elizabeth Moen blends fierce, massive vocals and raw bluesy guitar with introspective lyrics and electronic textures. 

New Singles released for “Sorry That I Love You” in both English and a French translation B-side. Andrew Sa sings the duet on the English side with Sima Cunningham of Ohmme featured in the French version. Both tracks were produced by Colin Croom and feature a guest and unique solo for each track from Liam Kazar on guitar. Elizabeth Moen challenges two of the best voices in her new home Chicago to go toe-to-toe with her incredible range and power. The powerful and stripped back ballad only needs Moen and her friends to fill out the space in between. The song is a heartbreaking tune about being available to someone who will never be that as she sings “I know you need the chase” and later the tragic line “Why don’t you like what loves you?”

In her heartland hometown of Vinton, Iowa, Moen taught herself guitar as a teenager. "I've always been able to sit alone in my thoughts,” she says, “but I can't sit in silence.” She noticed this innate need to make noise at a young age, and affectionately referred to as “an emotional journey with no destination."

But Moen did arrive somewhere: at her first performance. She credits the experience with transforming her relationship to songwriting.“I felt understood for the first time," she says. "I realized songs were the best way I could explain my thoughts and feelings to others — and to myself." She dedicated herself to the process, writing incessantly, recording prolifically, and performing as much as the public would have her.

She then spent the next few years playing music all over the United States, Ireland, Italy and France. She recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Hellfire Studios in Dublin, Ireland and Flat Black Studios in Lone Tree, Iowa.  (The tracks from these various recordings will all be featured on her upcoming album to be released in 2022.) She broke through with an official showcase featured artist booking for SXSW and was listed as an NPR Top 100 at Austin … and then came the pandemic with this festival and venues all over the world in lockdown.

Like so many artists (and humans), Moen felt derailed, but her focus remained steadfast and her default coping mechanism as relevant as ever; she kept writing songs. "I've realized there are only certain things I have control of in life and I gotta just keep growing, healing, and learning. These songs helped me while I wrote them in quarantine." 

Looking inward for lyrical inspiration, Moen looked outward for musical growth, delving into soundscapes she had not yet explored. "I’ve never really toyed with DAWs, keys, or synthesizers until I wrote the title track," she explains. "I’ve always been a guitarist and I wanted to explore new sounds while I looked into my thought patterns and tendencies."

The songs are ultimately an expression: not only of what the world means to Moen, but what she means to herself. 

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