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Consider This with Jelly Helm and Nataki Garrett

  June 8, 2022 7:00 PM

Doors Open: 6:00 PM
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GENERAL ADMISSION / CONVERSATION STARTER Public Onsale: May 5, 2022 10:44 PM to June 8, 2022 6:00 PM


Oregon Humanities presents an onstage conversation about storytelling, dreaming, and yearning with Nataki Garrett, artistic director of Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and Jelly Helm, founder of the branding agency Studio Jelly.

This program is part of Oregon Humanities’ series American Dreams, American Myths, American Hopes and will explore how stories shape culture in advertising and theater alike.

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About Our Guests

Nataki Garrett is the artistic director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, one of the largest theater-producing organizations in the US, and is widely recognized as an innovative and influential arts leader. Across her career, Garrett has fostered and developed new work—having directed and produced the world premieres of vital contemporary playwriting voices, including Katori Hall, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, and Aziza Barnes—and has been at the vanguard of adapting and devising new ways of performing the classics.

Jelly Helm is the founder of Studio Jelly, a Portland-based brand insight and creative agency that has worked with companies like Nike, Starbucks, Wikipedia, and Dr. Bronner’s and helped engineer a highly successful marketing campaign for the Portland Timbers. Prior to opening his own studio, Helm worked as an executive creative director at Wieden+Kennedy and founded Wieden+Kennedy 12, the company’s in-house education program.

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