Nate Fridson is a fast rising star out of the rich comedy scene of Detroit. Featuring well-crafted jokes and an inviting, accessible style, Nate's act has been called, "smart," "original," and, "better than it used to be," by both peers and audiences alike. Now based in NYC, Nate is a caustic writer who, "brings sarcasm to an art form," Nate shies from no subject - his material grows from deep, probing roots in the autobiographical to reveal a skewed, surreal worldview. Nate has performed at the "Laughing Skull Comedy Festival" in Atlanta, was a semi-finalist at the "New York Comedy Contest," and recently traveled to Japan to perform for the US Troops stationed on Okinawa. Stateside, Nate has appeared at many comedy clubs and festivals. He is a prolific writer with clever insights into society and scathing retorts to tradition, catch him now before he gets too famous!!
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