Lakefront Beer Academy

Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, WI

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Join technical beer specialists Aimee and Omega for a series of beer education classes designed for both the novice and experienced craft beer drinker. Each class will delve into ingredients, vocabulary, and will include a comprehensive tasting of related beer styles. The next series of classes will take place once each month, over the next 2 months--August and September--on a Tuesday evening from 6:00 to 7:30. All attendees will receive a 6oz beer of their choice upon arrival, followed by a varied tasting selection during the class. Light appetizers will be served family-style, as well. Upon leaving, students will also receive a signature Lakefront Brewery mini-snifter (only available to Tech Tour and Beer Academy attendees). Both classes will delve into the world of hops, with the first class speaking on growth and cultivation and the second class about hops as an ingredient in craft beer. Each class is $20. You can buy both classes for $35. 

Please note: These prices do not include gratuity for our hard working technical guides, if you felt you received an exemplary experience, tipping is encouraged.