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金曜ロードショーとジブリ展 / Friday Roadshow and Ghibli Exhibition in Hiroshima

広島県立美術館/ Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum,  ,


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*Select your visit day on the calendar and your visit time from the available timeslots pull-down menu.
*Once all timeslots are sold out, the day cannot be chosen on the calendar.
*Even if you can select your preferred date and time on the calendar, you may not be able to secure tickets on the next screen during high-use periods of the reservation system.

■入場時間 Admission Times
①09:00~09:30  ②09:30~10:00
③10:00~10:30  ④10:30~11:00
⑤11:00~11:30  ⑥11:30~12:00
⑦12:00~12:30  ⑧12:30~13:00
⑨13:00~13:30  ⑩13:30~14:00
⑪14:00~14:30  ⑫14:30~15:00
⑬15:00~15:30  ⑭15:30~16:00

※以下、金曜日のみ *Only Friday
⑮16:00~16:30  ⑯16:30~17:00
⑰17:00~17:30  ⑱17:30~18:00
⑲18:00~18:30  ⑳18:30~19:00